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Mike Burgener 03-30-2007 08:57 PM

is master national olympic weightlifting champion in the 63 kg class. the championships were held in savannah, ga. this weekend. eva t lifted today snatching 60 kg (132 lbs) and cln and jerking 79 kg (174 lbs) congratulations eva t!!!!

Nadia Shatila 03-30-2007 09:17 PM

Whoooooo! Congrats to Eva, very impressive numbers!

Marlon Thompson 03-30-2007 11:30 PM

Not surprised. Eva T. is a pure badass!

Lynne Pitts 03-31-2007 03:45 AM

AWESOME! Way to go Eva T.!

David Easton 03-31-2007 06:37 AM

Congrats Eva!

Fiona Muxlow 03-31-2007 07:29 AM

Way to go eva

Daniel Schmieding 03-31-2007 11:46 AM

Suprised this isn't in the Testimonials section! Awesome job, Eva.

Darrell E. White 03-31-2007 11:52 AM

Nice!!! How about putting this in multiple threads. Huge props, Eva!

Irene Tosetti 03-31-2007 12:29 PM

Eva you ROCK the world!!!!

Dwayne Holloway 03-31-2007 01:59 PM

Congratulations Eva T. You are an inspiration to me and my two daughters. You really do rock the world!

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