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Re: Always getting injured by deadlifting

Originally Posted by Aaron Gainer View Post
Start zercher squatting and front squatting more. Build your leg strength up, and deadlifts are no problem. I always do variations of the normal deadlifts(Romanian either snatch or clean geip) and found no need for traditional deadliftimg training as my deadliftimg shot up without stressing over it.

The key is to use a load that is moderate in intensity and to perform it daily for a couple sets(no more than 10-15 total work reps). Not only will your strength increase, but your confidence will. Case in point, I pressed everyday overhead using no more than 130lbs and Benched 225 for 10 reps after not benching for over 2 month a (my best PR was 7-8).
Thanks Aaron. Just to clarify - you are saying to deadlift in some form everyday (7 days a week) for 10 - 12 reps?
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