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Re: physiology of energy pathways and implications

Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
Sorry to see you go Steven. Good luck.

I really don't think any of us need to understand at all how the energy systems work, but we know they do.

Its kind of like flying, no pilot really cares how a compressor fan moves air into an ignition chamber for a jet engine, as long as it works.

The fact is that at a cert it was quoted "CrossFit will only get you in the top 20%". It has never been stated that CrossFit will make you the best at something. I have no idea where people get this idea. But lately people have felt the need to defend a fact the creators of CrossFit have stated as far as I have been doing it - I knew this wouldn't make me the greatest at everything. The fact is, I like bowling, and CrossFit isn't going to make me a better bowler. But I do know that I scored a 100 for 19 year olds on the USAF PFT - at the age of 30. I like when young kids wonder how they got their *** beat by a 30-year-old.

For Mil/LEO/first responders the fact is you never know what you will deal with. In specific sports you do. I highly agree that people who want to specialize (which is the basis of your argument) should specialize their training for what they are doing. As for general fitness CrossFit is a fine way to accomplish that, and those whose jobs are primarily venturing into the unknown its a great program.
I disagree, on not needing to know. Having such knowledge gives you more power and effectiveness as an athlete. Knowing how they work, and why, and how to best minipulate them can allow to tweak your workouts to maximize your goals, and develop long term plans and strategies.
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