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Re: How to get in contact with Dr. Gavid Dejour

I am no physician by any means. I do have a good understanding of bones and orthopedics. I have been selling orthopedic devices for 7 years ranging from total joint replacements for knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle, to fracture plates and screws.

How old are you? and how long has this been a problem? Have you had standing weight bearing X-rays or MRI's down?

What parts of your legs feel normal, and what parts feel abnormal? when you say upper and lower?

Does your femur feel normal at your hip?

does your femur feel normal at your knee?

does your tibia feel normal at your knee?

does tibia feel normal at your ankle?

how does your foot feel?

here are some of the top places for orthopedics that may help to contact if you havent already:
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