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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and all by myself today and a bit of . Wife has to go into the city today so she did not have enough time to work out. Which also means i get to do what i want . So i decided on snatch technique.

Warm up
PVC pipe, stretch, mobility then into squats, slow snatch balances, front squats and into hang power snatches and a few other things.

I warm up by breaking down everything into small parts and then put the pieces together until i can hit a full snatch.

All in all 30-35min warm up

Snatch technique
So the plan was to work on my starting position and first pull. Make sure i start in exactly the same position every time. One major area was making sure my back was strait and tight with the lats activated.

So i started at 40kgs/88lbs and did maybe 10 reps or so resting between each rep to get back into the zone.

Then one of the personal trainers (Richie) at the gym was missing a client so he decided to also work on some snatch which was great. He worked off the smallest blocks.

So i went to 50kgs/110lbs and really started to hit some solid lifts. Everything was feeling great. Richie was getting into his lifts and we started to look at each others technique and i started to film each other and analyse the footage in the Iron Path Pro app. This is the first time he has seen the app and himself in such detail. We filmed every 3rd lift.

I also started to work from the blocks as well in between to really work on the pull and work on being explosive.

I moved up to 60kgs/132lbs and now things were getting really good, the bar was fyling up and i was so solid catching the bar and no movement at the bottom, so stable. This could also be seen in the film. The small pointers from Richie were paying off.

The same went for Richie as he pushed the bar up to 70 and 80kgs, when he failed a rep we could see and hear it. We were looking at the fine fine details that can make the difference between a bad and a good lift.

Time to go up to 65kgs/143lbs so now we have been lifting for an hour and things are really starting to fit into place. 65kgs is 87% of my 1rm (75kgs) so i know it is not that easy.
- 1st lift..... sweet... the bar just flew up, solid,
- 2nd lift the same,
- 3rd lift fails and right from the start there was a difference in the set up that threw me off. feedback from Richie on what i need to do.
- 4th lift probably the best lift of the day, caught the bar perfect at the bottom and boy was i stable.

That was me done for today after 80min of lifting. All in all maybe 25 full snatches. first time i have lifted 3x65kgs on the same day

Richie removed the blocks and it was full snatch time. 80, 85kgs were just flying up, solid compact lifts. Missed 2 at 85 and went back to 80. Small comment from me in between on what i saw and how he felt... bingo.. sharp sharp sharp lifts and the bar was just flying up.

and that was that for today, just a short stretch afterwards.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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