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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning soon the weekend. So the plan for today - back and traps, isolation work.

Warm up
jogged for 7min or so just to get the body warm.

Stretch mobility and resistance band shoulder warm up.

Back ++
Strict DB rows on raised bench 2x10 warm up plus 8x8 reps @ 8-24kgs
Shoulder flyes 1x10 warm up plu 6x10reps 4-10kgs
Barbell Shrugs 6x10 reps 15-50kgs
Resistance band lats/shoulders 6 x 12 reps

Focus on all reps and contract correctly to atually feel it and get the pump.

I went on to handstand holds and negatives plus short strict HSPU which i actually got down half way. Also did some HSPU basics from a box 6x6reps

Cool down
a good general stretch for 20min.

That was that for this week, back Monday
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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