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Re: ACSM, NSCA, ACE, USREPS: Your Aspiring Fitness Overlords

It's hard to generalize about these bills, Steven. The USREPS sample legislation has not succeeded anywhere, or even come close. The DC bill is not specific enough to be implemented, yet:

The MA bill is the only one proposed this year yet so far:

Good idea on the talking points. I am sure these will be available soon.

(links are w/f safe)

Originally Posted by Steven Wingo View Post
Has CrossFit or it's representatives developed a position paper and "talking points" to distribute to the CrossFit community?

That is one of the next important steps. What you want is a position paper no more than a couple of pages long, but also with a one page and easily readable "bullet point" summary--as the cover page--of the most important and effective talking points. This can be used to educate CrossFit affiliated coaches regarding the specific problems with the legislation and is something CrossFit credentialed coaches and CrossFit members/athletes called upon to lobby (as citizens, not paid professionals) leave with legislators and their staff members when lobbying them. The idea is to have something packaged where any reasonably knowledgable person can go in and effectively communicate the talking points: "Here is what is wrong with this legislation."

Some questions I would ask are what reputable certification agencies does it leave out, other than CrossFit (the 800 lb. gorilla in the room)? I'm sure there are others: USA Weighlifting, USA Gymanstics, USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, USA Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Track & Field, etc.?

Physical Education teachers in schools (or what's left of them) have to get a license?

Lay people with no training are allowed to lead physical activity under the legislation, but trained instructors from well known organizations cannot do so?

The definitions and distinctions the model law tries to draw are so ambiguous it would create an administrative and legal nightmare:

Can a YMCA or other fitness facility not have staff on the weight room floor to assist members?--they would be violating the law if giving instruction. What about showing proper use of machines? (machines are not our thing but in fighting battles like this one you sometimes align yourselves with those who you might typically consider enemies or your competition)

Is a YMCA allowed to have volunteer coaches for its youth sports anymore? This would be a huge issue for YMCAs, which operate extensively through the use of volunteers to help coach youth sports programs.

Can the manufacturers and sellers of equipment give advice on how to properly use the equipment and/or recommend training plans? (That instructional DVD you just got with your new Kettlebell or TRX machine probably violates the law).

That proposed model legislation is a mess.

P.S. If this issue comes up in Florida make sure to contact me. I used to be a board member of a very large YMCA (27 branches spanning 6 counties with a $75+ million budget) and I'm virtually certain it would consider this "model" legislation a huge problem it would want to oppose.
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