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Re: El Capitan's Crossfit Log


Jump Workout

1-Leg Standing Vert - 3 x 5ea
Different but I have lost a lot in my leg jumping and need the iso work.

Depth Jumps - 4 x 5 - 12" Box
Felt surprisingly good. I felt like I was really getting off the ground.

5-hop - 5 x 1 - ME=39' (approximately)
First one was pretty short, but by the last 3, I was launching.


Pullups - 4 x 7 - Different grips everytime
Maybe a little kip to get going, but tried to focus on all pulling.

Bentover Rows - 2 x 10 - 115# / 1 x drop - 115(8)/95(8)/45(8)
Felt pretty good. Probably be more focused if I were leaning on something, but whatevs.

Close Grip Pulldowns - 2 x 12 - 90 / 1 x drop - 90(8)/80(8)/70(8)
Felt good.

BB Curls - 4 x 12 - 55#
Need to add a little more weight next time.

I had to cut out 2 back and 2 bi exercises, cause I was running out of time. I need to re-assess my programming. Not sure I'm feeling this current split. I also need to be able to fit it in in 1 hr to 1:15, no longer.


No basketball today. Ugh. Unwanted rest day.


Superset 1
Bench Press - 5x10 - 45/135/185/185/185
Pull Ups - 3xMax - 8/8/8
Good weight on bench, add 10# next week. Changed pullup grip each set.

Superset 2
Alt Incline DB Bench - 3x10 ea - 60# ea
Shrugs - 3x10 - 135/145/145
Inc weight was good, need a lot more weight on shrugs. Probably 205 next week.

Superset 3
DB Shoulder Press - 3x12 - 95#
Single Arm DB Row - 3x12 - 60#
Weight was pretty good for both. Add 10# for press and 5# for row.

EDT-Below Count the number of sets completed. Increase the number of sets each week.
AMRAP - 4 minutes
Seated Rows - 8x70#
Tate press - 8x20# ea
5 rds complete.
Need to add weight on rows, but press weight felt pretty good.

At lunch I'm gonna do some jumps, conditioning, and abs. I'll let you know how it goes.
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