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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Friday- lost some time watching the games after a long day at work. Its been hot here for the summer.

1k worth of rowing with normal warm up.

S2O check in. Been a while. Hit a really easy 245 with good form. Then a 265#. Loaded up 278# a no go. Happy that I hit this weight. Did some lift offs and practice dips with 315#.

5 rounds not for time just move.
500 meter row
5 sand bag over the shoulders- 3x180 and 2x120. Wow those sand bags were heavy.

Cool down row.

Saturday- good warmup for 7AM start.
Squat clean 135-265# missed 277# 3 times. Then backed down to 245# and hit one were I had to walk forward. Should have dumped it. Causes some injury pain in my back. Heck the goal for the year was to be injury free.

Did some rowing and stretching. I believe that the sand bag work the night prior agravated this area. And the heavy squat cleans finished it off.

Light duty and cardio for the next few days. Guess that is what I needed.

My form has not been that good. Lazy elbows and not standing all of the way up with that violent final pull. I have a fast dip so I can usually get away with hit. But the weights hit me hard at the bottom. Anyways only going to accept proper reps.

Saturday did more and more stretching.

Sunday- more stretching in the shower. Then to a meeting.

Rowing, AAB and rope climbs. Total of over 3k rowing. All at good pace.

Efforts of 50 cal (x2) on the AAB- along with 90: on :90 off, :60 on and :60 of then :30/:30

More rowing- then about 8-10 rope climbs. All of them two pulls. Need to learn how to stand up with my legs and not use the arms so much.

No muscle ups today. I did not want the violent pulls.

Took out my heart meter. The AAB is a great way to get me up to my workout target- 165-170 bpm. But that dam AAB kills me. I know that I am not alone with this.

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