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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Tuesday- Busy day at work. Not able to do any accessory work. But I did put in a total of 20 min stretching.

Normal warm up-
Did 4 rowing 500's just like the night prior- was on the average 10-15 bpm lower 24 hours later. Did 2:05 to 1:55. More efforts for a total of 4k or more worth of meters. Caught up.

Get ready for the metcon-
20 min amrap
60 dubs
30 ohs 95#
15 bar facing bupees.
Was about 93 degrees in the gym. UHG!

Plan was to get 5 rounds. Coach Corey did not think that I was going to even make the 20 min.. it was brutal.
4 rounds plus 85 reps. Those bfburpees were tough and very slow after 30 oh squats. Total of nearly 150 of them. Dubs were fine. Pulse for first 5 min was 160-165 then it was pegged at 170 for the last parts.

More rowing to keep hot till the ice bath was ready. Time to get more pro and get in that tub. Need more ice next time.

Overall was happy because I have not been doing many 20 min workouts. Plus the combo was difficult.

Going in tonight for some cardio and a few check ins with stuff that I can do.

Back is feeling way better. So I am not stepping on the gas until maybe Friday. Listen to your body Vic.

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