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Re: 2016 Games Banter...starting off with Murph

500m swim -- all 80 athletes in one heat!

I think it's going to be pretty cool -- not many opportunities for the guys and gals to go head to head in anything. Obviously they're not scored against one another but I think we'll see some of the guys get smoked by the stronger female swimmers. Top picks for me are Khan Porter and Kara Webb.

The new Murph format will make things interesting. I think we'll see some blazing fast times, and possibly some people really racing on that last run. Hopefully without anyone passing out or wrecking the rest of their weekend. No reason to think BKG and Briggs won't repeat on this one, but who knows.

Clean Pyramid is going to be intense. Regionals had a lot more spacing out between athletes since in a lot of heats not everyone was getting very far. I think we'll see a lot more frantic finishes on the last couple bars in the Games. Gotta got with Webb for the ladies again, Smith or Fraser for the guys. Dark horse is Travis Williams.

Excited to see what else Castro has up his sleeve. Wouldn't be surprised to see another throwback workout from a past Games since it's the 10th year.
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