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Following a W.O.D.

Hi everyone. I am new to CrossFit and would like to tell you how exited I am to get started. I have always worked out independently having just some basic equipment. Being ignorant, hard headed (and maybe a little egotistical) I believed that what I was doing on my own was just as good or better than most other workouts. I simply adopted all the exercises that I (liked) from other sources, (ie. YouTube, classes, etc.) and created my own W.O.D.

First, I have to admit, even though I first heard of CrossFit about 4 years ago, I did not understand its concept. I checked out the website and was confused about what W.O.D.'s were. I have seen YouTube videos and yet still had no idea what the big deal was. I mean, here I was, on my own, achieving goals, and getting results as well as being an instructor...why change ANYTHING, right?

Well, this past summer the unexpected happened. I was hospitalized and the doc's say it will take quite a while to get back to where I was regarding my fitness level. While recovering I spent a lot of my time researching and educating myself on fitness. I am now healthy enough to begin physical activity again, but obviously not where I want to be.

Enter CrossFit...during my research I returned to the CrossFit website and learned so much more than I did initially. I learned that it is a community committed to improving their fitness and committed to helping others achieve their goals. I have discovered that CrossFit is about challenge and dedication to the entire fitness community in helping everyone live a healthy and fit lifestyle. More importantly, I found out that CrossFit is indeed a revolution in fitness. So, please forgive me, crossfitters, for my initial ignorance.

I also apologize for this long post, however, it leads me to my first question. I would like to follow a W.O.D. and start from my home gym. But how does one do so given the variety equequipment. For example, I want to follow an affiliates wod.... I may have all of the equipment I need for two or three of their workouts but have only an Olympic bar for the next days workout.... any thoughts? Thank you. And again I apologize for this long post but thank you for reading.
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