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What to do when advice from box coaches differs?

I finally joined a box just over a month ago. I'd been holding back because I knew that I can't squat and, since the squat is needed for so much, I figured why spend the money? I don't recall ever being able to squat without falling on my rear. But I wasn't able to fix it myself. So I decided to see what would happen if I went through onramp.

I didn't get a whole lot of focused help during the onramp, but since then, I've had several coaches take me through squat therapy. But I've gotten very different advice. I can't go very far down and I also can't get my arms straight up overhead.

So one coach had me in a wider stance (saying that's normal for tall people- I'm 5' 11" female) and farther from the wall so that I can go deeper. I got down to 2 35 lb plates with a wall ball on top. Then, yesterday a different coach said I shouldn't have a wider stance, and I should be closer to the wall and be focusing on my upper body and arm alignment. In this situation I can only get down a couple inches before I start to tip backward. The second coach said this is OK and a sign that I'm using correct form.

So now I'm confused. Whose advice should I use moving forward? Or is there a role for both?
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