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Re: What to do when advice from box coaches differs?

This is going to happen no matter where you go...


What does your normal squat look like and does it feel comfortable? This is your starting position and a base to train with and then from this make adjustments but only small ones.

A coach should be able to see from your natural position what needs to be done to ensure you can squat correctly wihout the risk of injury. Whether this is a wide or smaller stance makes no difference but if it feels wrong then it is not always good. Sometimes things feel wrong even though they are correct but it is due to muscle memory and training on something you are not used too.

I am 6ft tall and my stance is slightly wider and i have no problems with my kness or back and no one has ever comments on my stance, just he position of the knees when i desend.

It is also important to get the top part correct, where the bar is on your shoulders, arm position, breathing and so on....

so ask a few more questions and see what they say....
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