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Kurt Fuller
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Hello everyone -

I have been following the threads for quite some time, but only have I recently registered on the boards.

I am here to ask a question, but first I'll give you a little background.

I have been weight training religiously for 3+ years. Not quite Crossfit training, but alot of Olifts combined with cardio and sport. In January, I began a straight-up low carb diet and implemented the WOD the first of February. After reading around these boards, I started the Zone diet in March.

With BOTH of these diets, I have had a lack of energy generally starting in the mid-afternoon and continuing until bedtime. At times, during the WOD I feel like I'm just going through the motions.

The next question I'm sure most would ask is 'how much sleep are you getting'? The answer is probably not enough. I work 10+ hours per day, and then hit the gym (I'm looking for a new job). Throughout the week I generally get at least 6 hours of sleep. Some nights I just crash and get 9+. On the weekends I average 8+ (catch up time)!

I would like to hear some thoughts from you more experienced veterans regarding low energy levels while on this type of a diet. I adhere very strictly to the diet aside from a nice steak on either Fri. or Sat. nights, with 2 to 3 beers.

Thanks in advance!
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