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Getting Stronger, Running Faster

Some may know me on here already from my previous Journal, but I will throw a brief background your way and you will understand the new Journal.

One of my many goals I set for myself when I picked up running while my shoulder was healing was to be able to run a Marathon while maintaining or improving on my CFT. This however has not happened.

Currently my CFT is an 810. In April 2010 at the beginning of my deployment to Afghanistan my CFT was a 955 with a body weight of 185. My goal that past year was to smash past a score of 1000. However with a nagging shoulder injury I lost sight of that goal and improved my running. The goal became; finish a Half Marathon. [Check (1:58:55)]. Now I am looking onward to that Full Marathon, but I still want to improve my CFT.

Why did I lay out the above paragraphs? Basically to remind myself of where I was, where I am going, and now for the how will I get there? I will once again go back to the tried and proven program of Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength. With the book, the wiki, and previous knowledge of the program I believe I can get my CFT back to where it was prior to the injury, while maintaining decent mileage on the roads/trails.

Today begins Day 1 of that journey. I will follow this program until the end of July when I begin my move to Germany. I will allow that week of moving to Germany to be my reset week. If my CFT is close to where I want it prior to pushing on with a 5,3,1 CrossFit WOD style workout I will do just that. If it is still lower than the goal I have in mind, I will just keep lifting and drinking milk.

Quick look at this past CFT (810):

Back Squat: 305
Press: 160
Dead: 345

Now I know some may say CFE, I have followed this some on my own and love the programming. I will continue to incorporate the WODs for my runs.
My Log: Oklahoma Strong

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