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Re: Getting Stronger, Running Faster

Originally Posted by Travis Loest View Post
good luck with the CFT, SS has a lot of great things to offer, I've not heard anyone that followed it (really followed it) not have results that they liked. It will be interesting to see how your running is affected.
Thanks Travis. Last time I teamed the two my running suffered due to soreness. I think I have it under control this time. With Mobility WOD, SMR, and Trigger Point Therapy, I feel I can get ahead of it. Thanks for swinging by.

Originally Posted by Robert Foley View Post
Good to see you're new log! Best of luck on hitting your goals! So you're gonna to the GOMAD too?
Hey Rob, Thanks for the wishing of luck. As for GOMAD, I will try. It will be easier and cheaper when I get to Ft Sill. I'll be living off the chow hall so I can just take cartons of milk at each meal.
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