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Re: My current position on CF WoDs

CF WOD are mostly metcon. I can't think of any strength & conditioning program in the world that puts this much emphasis on metcon. I believe many affiliates have realized the downfalls of following the homepage WOD and follow their own programming. The high volume, high intensity metcons just lead to burnout.

With that being said, I know the homepage WOD is a just model set out for the mass public. Following the WOD may be useful and comfortable for many people, but I highly doubt it's the best for forging elite "fitness" in a real world sense.

I think many will agree that strength gains are slow in CF. In the real world, you can never be strong enough, but CF seems to assume that once you achieve a certain threshold of strength, further strength gains are not too important.

I think a MEBB or Gant Grime's Hybrid approach is much more effective for rapidly achieving elite fitness levels. Basically, lift heavy and then do some conditioning afterwards. Or lift heavy one day and then do conditioning the next day. Or you can do short and heavy circuits. None of this is new.

CFers have just tried to delude what's been working for decades and put a CF label on it. For example, Ross Enamait has not been influenced by CrossFit, yet everybody says his stuff is CF. If anyone lifts weights instead of using machines and utilizes some form of anaerobic conditioning, is it CF?

CF is a great program, but it's not the end-all-be-all. Everyone has different goals and different weaknesses and different needs. To each their own.
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