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Working with injuries, what can I do?

Where to start? The past 14 months for me have been a broken mess. It started with a forearm and quad injury, and 14 months later i'm struggling with a new (possibly re-tear of old) forearm and 2nd quad injury. Between these there have been bouts with ankle sprains, lingering tendinitis, misc. irritating issues. What led to this is a combination of taking a 10 month hiatus from fitness, a less than average genetic platform, poor mobility, and simply getting older.

All "woe is me" aside, here I am - partially torn common flexor tendon in the forearm and a seriously challenging case of quadricep tendinosis. The tendinosis went undiagnosed for several months and it's 9 months and counting, although I'm halfway through a rehab stint which is generally going well.

Depression, frustration, and regret aside, I can't sit back and wallow in self pity too much longer because I have things to do with my life and they revolve around being very fit, as I once was, and hope to be again. Acknowledging that I am limited with the injuries and I need to rehab them appropriately, there has to be something I can do as far as general core activation and baseline strengthening while things work themselves out.

I'm trying to come up with ideas for exercises which won't aggravate/cause further harm to current injuries, avoid re-injury, and start to establish some sort of foundation of fitness; here's what I have so far: planks of all variations, various low impact exercises to help strengthen my weakened core (bridges, leg raises, ab work, etc). I'd like to incorporate swimming and yoga, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea at the moment. Basically, I'm not touching a barbell for a while, at least until I have baseline core strength re-established, everything's working properly, and I'm pain free.

Thoughts? And ....
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