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Lack of energy during afternoon workouts

Hi all, I'm a 24 year old male that's been crossfitting for over 3 years on and off now. I'm currently not working so I'm able to train as often as I like and this often involves doing two met cons a day. My progress is through the roof at the moment but there's one area that's bugging me. During my second workout of the day, after lunch, I hit this slump and just feel slow and lethargic as soon as I get moving for the warmup. I hit my morning session with good intensity and feel great afterwards but in my evening ones it seems like I'm always just trying to get the workout over with and I lose my energy straight away.

The next morning I feel fresh and well recovered as this morning I hit a front squat personal best despite crashing somewhat in last night's WOD. It seems I even get out of breath quicker than normal in the evenings. I know the first logical response to this would be to scale back but I've been doing 2 a days for quite some time and have only been making insane progress in both fitness and strength so I don't believe this is an overtraining issue. My second thought is that I eat too much for lunch which makes me sluggish for my second workout. I generally eat some chicken, rice and vegetables for lunch. Nothing which would make me lethargic though.

Should I experiment with eating smaller meals throughout the day or could there be something else at play here? Many thanks
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