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Re: Looking for Clubbell routines

Hi Adam: one of the things we do here is that we ask anybody who posts a link to always do two things:

a) provide at least a brief description of what it is (no "Hey, check this out!") (and you did that, so all's good)


b) affirmatively state that the link is work and family safe, or not (i.e., you have to to designate it as safe or unsafe, every time). The common abbreviation is "wfs" or "w/fs" . . . or perhaps a description of what might not be safe about it. For instance, t-nation articles are usually safe in themselves (maybe some adult language, at worst), but the accompanying pictures might not be considered safe by all workplaces and all families.

Note that you do not have to post only safe links, but you do have to designate each and every time.

We cut folks who are new on the board some slack on this point, but eventually we start deleting their links to help them get with the program.
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