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Roy Kurian
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Lifting shoes

I had a few questions reg lifting shoes.

1) Does one really need to use lifting shoes?

2) Are the shoes the same for Olympic lifts and power lifts?

3) Is there a common shoe which can be used for both?

4) What would happen if lifted bare foot ?
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Old 11-23-2016, 07:59 PM   #2
Richard Colon
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Re: Lifting shoes

Originally Posted by Roy Kurian View Post
1) Does one really need to use lifting shoes?
No. They provide stability in Olympic lifting and also help with one of the typical issues that many people have, which is poor ankle mobility. The raised heel of the shoe helps you get full depth in squats and keeps the rest of your body in a good position as a result (upper body, pelvis, knees, etc.).

Are they essential? No. However, if you are serious about lifting, I'd recommend them. Just the same as a great pair of running shoes if you are putting in the miles each week.

Originally Posted by Roy Kurian View Post
2) Are the shoes the same for Olympic lifts and power lifts?
No. Olympic shoes have a raised heel. For powerlifting you generally want flat shoes, with Chucks (Converse) being the tried and true. You can also use vans, adidas (old school break dance style), etc. Something flat, as one of the big 3 in powerlifting is Deadlifts - so you want to be close to the floor.

There are some high level powerlifters that I've seen use Olympic shoes for their lifts. Guys like Dan Green have a hybrid thing going on with a low bar Back Squat in Oly shoes. Also, for true Olympic lifters, they do their Deadlifts with Olympic shoes on as well but then again, the movement is a bit diff. Grip is different, there is no Sumo DL, they keep shoulders over the bar longer, etc. It's just 2 diff sports so..2 diff shoes.

Originally Posted by Roy Kurian View Post
3) Is there a common shoe which can be used for both?
Yes, Nike Metcons, Reebok Nanos, generally Crossfit shoes. You want to train in something stable (provided by Crossfit shoes - which is what Oly shoes provide exactly) while also being relatively flat and grounded - almost minimal, to build awareness with your feet (provided by Crossfit shoes, but not Oly shoes because of your heel to toe angle). An example of what you don't want for either sport is Hoka's. Look them up. That is the opposite direction of things.

Originally Posted by Roy Kurian View Post
4) What would happen if lifted bare foot ?
I won't go so far as to say, its the best way to train but I'll leave it with a quote by my favorite movement/fitness guy at this moment - Ido Portal.

"Don't have high tech shoes and low tech feet."

Hope it all helped. The next steps is what to actually buy. All I can say is, whatever route you go, don't be cheap. If you aren't sure if you want to stick with the sport/lifting style, then fine, but otherwise, you get what you pay for.

Powerlifting shoes - you can get by in flat $30 vans. Oly shoes, spend $100+ and you'll notice/feel the difference.

*A bit more info I've thought of. Remember, if you are doing stuff other than just lifting, the better the shoe for a specific thing (specialized) the less flexibility you have with doing anything else. I've had cheaper Olympic lifting shoes and I could do Burpees, Box Jumps and short runs - 200, 400m, etc. My newer, nearly $200 O-lifting shoes are terrible for any running other than a quick warm-up (high knees, skips, etc.) In short (too late for that I know) just go with Metcons/Nanos if you want general purpose. This is a big part of my lifestyle however, so I literally have 3-4 pairs of shoes any given day. I always have my Nano's on and use them unless its really specific (and heavy - important). When it's a major Olympic or Heavy Squat Day, I'll use my lifting shoes. If I'm putting in a 5k run, then I use my Brooks, etc. For martial arts, animal movements, gymnasticy stuff, I like going barefoot.

When I say heavy its because I'll stick with my Nano's for all things until I hit 90% or above on my lifts or if its something I really suck at - like Overhead Squats. Then I'll wear the O-shoes. It's all just like my belt, my wraps, etc. I train without until $hit gets real. Then I get into costume and make it happen.

I'm also 42yrs old so that speaks volumes. I can't get away with things like I did 20yrs ago..

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