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Old 02-21-2012, 02:20 PM   #1
Rob Brown
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Not even concerned with Auntie (anti-) anymore.. the sky is not falling

If your here, your prone to seeing a lot of 'anti-' crossfit noise or maybe better yet Auntie noises. The rash of short cutting skeptics remind me so much of that old Aunt that used to tell you not to climb in a tree, jump in the pool or ride a bike too fast.. They are happiest to sit on the sidelines and point an old, tired, self privileged finger trying to dim the joy of the moment and never getting off their *** in the meantime.

Switching from corny metaphor, Auntie's are out there in full force causing noise and confusion for many many would be achievers and CF'ers alike. ..and the worst thing is they all do it without ever having to break a sweat. It is quite irresponsible for an un-certed person to claim issues by cherry picking one or two poor moments from a billion positive moments of CrossFit. ..I mean really, will a blogger take responsibility if someone modified a program due to a negative post and ended up really hurting themselves? There are a lot of bodies out there trying to get fit for the first time.. There is no responsibility taken by that friggin' 'Auntie Blogger' that dissuades newbies from a program that could have healed them. I'm perpendicularly sensitive to this, as I would have easily fit in that scenario.

Unfortunately, most Auntie articles are driven by viewership first, and practical experience second. The view driven blogisphere is enjoying the growth of CF as much as we are. They just happen to go at it the easiest way possible.. The empty calories of inciting controversy (thus getting our viewership) is the fastest and easiest way for ol' Auntie to point her dirty nailed, withered finger.

If you are like me, you have read a few and each sends you off to track down more information.. I ask my doctor, coach, my training partners, google down incentives, etc. I look at the source, and try to pin down why they wrote the piece. Is it one product bashing another? Hmmmm...suspicious. I hate to disappoint the Auntie bloggers, but most of the info they would have tear at CrossFit widely and simply does not pan out. After worrying about the latest and greatest blog that bashes CF, several times, I simply came to the conclusion there is just no point in worrying about it. My best advice is to get the very best coach possible. Be prepared to probe deep, and communicate as to why the move is the way it is. There is an important reason why you set your shoulder back, or have a hollow core in some moves. The coach will tell you to do it, but you need to take the initiative to ask the extra questions to find out why. Do this, and you can enjoy a safe CrossFit experience and never have to listen to the Aunties who would rather see you sidelined.

From personal experience.. The the sky is not falling for CrossFit any time soon, sorry bloggers.
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Old 02-22-2012, 08:05 AM   #2
Bryan Kemper
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Re: Not even concerned with Auntie (anti-) anymore.. the sky is not falling

Great post!
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Old 02-22-2012, 06:02 PM   #3
Chris Westfield
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Re: Not even concerned with Auntie (anti-) anymore.. the sky is not falling

I've noticed a lot more hate in the past year or so.
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