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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 09-18-2014, 09:39 AM   #11
Jose Soriano
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Re: Shoes for newbie....previous Plantar fasciitis issue

Same story as Joe and Jon for me.

Got the orthodics, custom molded, and a boot for sleeping. I also have talocalcaneal coalitions in both ankles (fused bones).

The CF Nanos are pretty awesome, and are good enough for running, but really, anything that gets you through the WoD will do. Running always sucks, still, but everything else has gotten CRAZY better.

Lately, I've been deadlifting and squatting barefoot or on a 2.5lb weight, but that's mostly because of the fused ankles. The nanos are still awesome. Loves them.

Keep in mind, they're a hybrid shoe. A lifting shoe will be better for lifting, and a running shoe will be better for running, but the nanos will be excellent for both.

In the end tho, it's all about the strength you build, and the exercise will make a bigger difference than the shoe. It's going to hurt. It's going to suck for a while. But then, one day, you'll realize that you got out of bed without flinching, and spend less time rubbing your feet than you used to.
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Old 09-18-2014, 03:39 PM   #12
Clint Harris
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Re: Shoes for newbie....previous Plantar fasciitis issue

Same boat as Jon, Jose and Joe. (if only my name was Jones)

I actually read this from Joe and thought I had written it.
"I tried $600 custom orthotics, all but gave up wearing golf shoes and dress shoes, and basically sat around. One foot doc wanted to fuse bones together in my foot, but admitted that it probably wouldn't do much good."

Inserts were the best and the worst thing to happen to me. In the beginning, they were awesome but then after a couple of years, other problems developed which needed altering of the insert. And so on.
But now, minimalist shoes and paying attention to how I walk and stand is a god-send. I don't think it was just the transition back to minimal shoes alone though. Loosing weight, getting fitter, and putting weight overhead deserves a good % of the credit. But I'm glad I made the switch - changed my life.
It's been about 3-4 years on the minimal kick. The first 3-4 months was a challenge though. Easily the first 2 was outside calf pain, then last 2 was tough to get my feet going each morning. But eventually, It all sorted itself out.

The thing with the shoes is, you do need to be more specific in what you are doing.
For example, very minimal shoes, like the toe shoes or the old Merrel bare gloves aren't really very good for running more than 400m on the concrete, at least IMHO, but you could go a mile or two off road on softer terrain/grasses. They're OK for most gym purposes or simply bee-bopping around the house or town. Still some impact involved and things like rope climbs will be uncomfortable.
Shoes like the NB minimal line, or the newer Merrell minimal M-Connect shoes, that have that 10-13mm midsole are good for 1-2 miles at most on the road occasionally but doing that every day would probably spell disaster.
A shoe for running longer distance, say with a 13-18mm midsole, is better. They still make 0-4mm drop shoes in at those thicknesses, but with that extra midsole it just helps cushion a little.
I've never worn the nano or the inov8. They just don't feel good to me. inov8 were narrow, nano made it feel like my toes were down and heel was lifted.
For squatting/lifting, be sure to have shoes that and very firm under foot. The heel lift may come later when you are starting to lift heavier weights ... but in the beginning, leave out all the wraps and belts and ****. Just have firm shoes.

Right now, for the gym, I wear the Merrel Bare Access Trail for everything unless long running is involved (including squats >300#). Pretty stable under foot but still padded. Feels comfortable, but is not like a running shoe. Maybe a little on the heavier side, but that's OK as the lighter shoes tend to take a beating when rope climbing or sled sprinting (on concrete). I think this shoe is the magic crossfit shoe - we all have our ones. It used to be the NB MT10 (original - I still wear these all over the place though. Even to work).
Once my squats get up into that 5RM weight or above range, I start wearing my lifting shoes. Same with Oly lifts - I don't use the lifters for power movements, only when needing to go full.
It cracks me up when people immediately go for their lifters and knee sleeves whenever a barbell is involved. 21x75# thrusters ? Shiiiiittt, I better suit up. Wrist wraps too !!!! Don't be one of those people - wear what you need when you need it, as opposed to by-default.

That being said, I have considered getting some inserts in my lifters. I have really high arches and so, to get more of my foot involved or balanced properly, I wonder if it would be beneficial to have an insert inside that shoe - for that specific purpose.
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Old 10-09-2014, 11:56 AM   #13
Jon Hanover
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Re: Shoes for newbie....previous Plantar fasciitis issue

Glad I came back to this thread!

I always cringe when I hear people dropping hundreds on orthopedic wear. Been there and done that. I can't believe that after heading story after similar story that this shouldn't be the first prescribed option, before going to more extreme/expensive measures.

I think the problem is this though.... average joe walks into a clinic with a foot problem from having fancy shoes all his life and poor running form (hard heel strikes) and the doctor prescribes proper running form, barefoot weight training, thinner shoes... he is going to be out of business very soon

I know some clinics are getting better about treating the WHOLE person and not just the problem though. But I don't think Pediatrics is even remotely there. Much like the over prescribing of antibiotics right now (let's not dive into how we stuff corn down cows throats and pump them with antibiotics to keep them alive)
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Old 11-29-2014, 05:35 PM   #14
Jack Patterson
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Re: Shoes for newbie....previous Plantar fasciitis issue

I can help!
I had SEVERE PF a few years ago and was desperate for a solution.
Not one single person could help!
The two thins that truly helped me was Rolling my foot/calfs and stretching from my waist down.

I stopped everything a tried these two things and within 6 weeks I was 95% better.

I did each thing 5 times a day!
Rolled the bottom of my feet with Golf balls
stretched using about 10 different stretches

hope this helps!
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Old 11-30-2014, 07:31 AM   #15
Luke Sirakos
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Re: Shoes for newbie....previous Plantar fasciitis issue

I have no idea if this is a good idea or not but my dad had PF and he ran really hard on it one day just trying to ignore the pain and finally he felt a snap following by an intense sharp pain and almost fell over. He thought he had really screwed something up but then he noticed it didn't hurt anymore at all. He talked to the doctor about it and the doc said that he basically did what they would have done had he undergone the surgery for it and it would likely never bother him again. Years later no more issues.

Like I said, I am not sure if that is the best idea out there but it sure beats living with it.
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